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The first transnational meeting

of teachers was held in Spain from 4 to 6 October 2017 at the IES Island of Deva, for which we have the support of our management team; and also with the support and collaboration of the City Council of Castrillón, who through the Government Board has decided to lend us all their support during the two years that this adventure will last.
To this meeting the representatives of:
Finland, Sanna Saarinen, Maiju Makela and Aino Ventela
Latvia, Inese Paidere and Irina Krivosejeva
Poland, Przemyslaw Hojowski
Spain, María Bango, Jaime Rodríguez, Clara Fernández, Cristina Menéndez, Rodrigo García and Ignacio Sánchez.


During these days the teams of the participating schools will review the main objectives and we will specify tasks of both research and didactic application to be carried out, exchanges of students and teachers.

All the participants of the Spanish meeting agreed that this was a fruitful experience.