Workshops for teachers

On 25th September 2018, a group of local teachers visited Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi nr 21 in order to participate in workshops inspired by our Erasmus+ project. The main topic of the conference concerned the use of creative ICT tools in the classroom.

The first part of workshops was dedicated to Google Classroom, which allows a teacher to organise the process of learning in a friendly and simple environment. The participants learned how to establish a working group and prepare tasks for pupils.

Another useful application presented was Quizlet Live, which encourages students to cooperate while doing quizes. The teachers also played roles of pupils and solved some puzzles together.

The last part of workshops was devoted to Book Creator application. Thanks to Book Creator students can design their own books, while teachers can prepare their own resources.

EVENTS, Fostering creativity & imagination



It was the trip day to get Kalajoki. It was a long long one for every delegation. But it was worth the time, since we arrive to a kind of paradise, with so exotic landscapes: frozen sea, snow on the beach or rivers melting. Spring had come to Kalajoki.

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First day at Merenojan school in Kalajoki. We started the journey with the icebreaking activities so the students had the possibility to know each other. They have started to gain confidence increasingly.

Presentations about SCAMPER method came in the afternoon.

Every country presented their work using several ICT tools, like Google slides, Biteable, Powtoon, Video editors or Prezi.

Finnish teachers gave instructions to students to make different activities during the week, they were divided into five transnational groups to make easier the interaction among them.

Students have to create their own book with information about the “Straightening” exchange, answering different questions.

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In the evening hosting families, students and teachers gathered in the cultural night. Every country prepared their stand with their traditional foods, so the rest could taste delicious flavours:

Finland with the raindeer or moose meat and the very famous salmiakki – only for brave people-.

Latvia presented two kinds of herrings: smoked herring in oil – a strong and specific taste and product of Latvia (in Latvian it is called “sprote”) and another version of herring in tomato sauce accompanied with pickles on a slice of rye bread as well as the drink made of rye called “kvass”.

Poland gave us the opportunity of taste the beatroot soup with so called”ears”, a type of damplings usually eaten at Christmas.

Spain offered Iberic ham, two Asturian cheeses “afuega’l pitu”, or “throat catcher” and “La Peral”, and Spanish smoked chorizo.

Last we could see the performances previously prepared by the students, folk dances, songs and games.

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On Tuesday we have visited Oulu. Oulu is a city with two hundred and thousand inhabitants, located in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. It is the most populous city in Northern Finland and the fifth most populous city in the country.

We visited the Science Museum, the Tieto Maa, where many of us had the possibility of take the control of an aircraft, see what would happen if level sea increases 1, 2 or 3 meters. We also watched a 3D movie about the spacial career and the conquerors of the space, from Dedalus to now.

Then we visited the Art Museum of Oulu, a guided visit, in which we were informed about the modern history of Oulu, linked to the technology and the Nokia Company.

After the lunch we had time to shopp in Oulu

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Day 3

We started the day attending lessons. Students attended Biology, Art, Music, English, Swedish and Home Economic ones. Teachers also had the opportunity of seeing Finns school in action, and we were impressed on quiet friendly atmosphere both, teachers and students, contribute to create.

Then Student agents showed us how they nwork and what they do. They are volunteers who love IT tools and Apps and they help anyone who need to solve any problem related to technology. If you call them, they will run quickly to help you. Kind of “IT patrol”.

The student agents

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Day in nature.

Today, Thursday, Finns have taken us to do hyking. We have enjoyed a long walk in nature. Then, students have explored and also have game. BBQ saussages.

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EVENTS, Polish Exchange

1st LTT (Leraning teaching training) Mobility in Gliwice, POLAND. 19th-23rd Febr.


We arrived at Krakow airport at 18.00h, after a long trip, from 7.00h travelling. Spanish and Finnish delegations met each other at the airport. Then, we got the bus to Gliwice. Families were waiting for us in the city centre. Both, hosting families and students were so excited to meet each other, although traveling students were so tired.

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The first day has been a long one. We have arrived at 8.00h to Potsdawowa School. We have been received by the Headmistress and we have been shown the school. We are so grateful to Przemek, Agata and all the staff whoa has shown absolutely committed in doing the best for this event.

We also were invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony of the army profiled School’ students.

Students have attending the icebreaking activities. The “cultural night” came at 6.00pm. with traditional food of every country. There were also folk Polish and modern dances in which even parents have taken part. It was really fun, but the most important thing: it was so helpful in order to achieve the inmersion and effective communication among the participants.


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Today, Tuesday 20th February, we have visited Krakow and we have been taken to a guided tour with Przemek and Agata. The visit started in the Wawel Royal Castle, national and cultural symbol of Poles,with an audioguided tour inside the Wawel Cathedral. The visit has continued in the Old Town, visiting in Rynek Underground, the largest underground archeological site in Poland” to visit the permanent exhibition “Following the Traces of European Identity of Krakow”, where we have had the opportunity to learn about the history of Krakow and also Poland. Next, we have visited St. Mary’s Basilica, the Main Market Square and, finally, we have also seen a drago breathing fire.

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We arrived school at 8.00.

Special needs teacher show us the therapy room, specially designed for students with social, hiperactivity or psycological issues. Here, surrounded by a friendly and calmful environment they can express all they feel and become relaxed. It is a therapy that works.

9.00h Some students attended a Nature lesson, in which students were divided into groups to work, and they are encouraged to win points by giving the correct answers, while the teacher is showing pictures. Students show themselves excited to take part in the game.

Other students attended a Math lesson, in which they worked cooperatively: classroom was divided into eight groups, each of them with two students; and the most advantaged one explained his partner how to solve exercises inside a test. Next, they attended to an English lesson in order to work the “types of leaders” topic. They nwere shown Elder’s game film and they worked on the two ways od leadership appeared in the film.

Some students of our project attended the lesson.

The next lesson was about ICT. The teacher Anna prepared a Kahoot game about famous movies. Then, a group of students prepared a Kahoot activity and taught the rest of studens how they did and worked with the Kahoot Application.

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Today we had a guided tour in Gliwice. We visited the Radio Station, the one in which took place the incident for the start of the II World War; it is known as the Gliwice Eiffel Tower. Then we had a guided History tour citywide. And last we visited the Queen Louise Adit mine in Zabrze. This visit was really interesting, since we put in the miner’s shoes, by descending inside the mine elevator to 340 meters deep, by walking trough mine galleries and experiencing the hard conditions in which they had to do their work.

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The day started with quiz games by Kahoot: What do you know about… Latvia, Poland Finland and Spain?. Students had fun and they demonstrated how much they knew about their partners’ countries.

Next we attended to the really funny and amazing Erasmus Talent Show, in which Podstawowa students did a performance of folk dances, modern music and gimnastic exercises.

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And last we were received by the City Major, in the Town Hall. He showed himself impressed by the development of our Erasmus Project Straightening Winding routes to active citizenship, and he gave teachers and students thanks for being involved in working to strengthen bonds among citizens of Europe.

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We have to mentioned the great efforts the Polish team has done in organising this meeting.


Logo competition Nov-2017

In November the four schools have taken part in a competition to choose the logo will represent the project throughout the two next years.

Many students in Merenojan Koulu, Kalajoki (Finland), Balvi Public High School, Balvi (Latvia), Szkoła Podstawowa, Gliwice (Poland) and IES Isla de la Deva, have drawn their logos with the illusion of winning the contest and see their efforts rewarded. Winning this contest means seeing the winner- logo representing the project in all communications, documents and events related to our STRAIGHTENING ERASMUS+.

By December 15th we will have the ABSOLUTE WINNER.







Logo 1 Spain
SPAIN Logo 1
Logo 2 Spain
SPAIN Logo 2
Finland Logo 2
Finland Logo 2