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Day 0

Quite a long trip from Spain. Nearly 20 hours to get our final destination, but students, and teachers, were so excited with thw meeting. Polish team spent also 20 hrs. from Gliwice. Lucky Finnish, who were closer to Balvi.

Day 1

First of all we have been shown the work room for the week.

Then will visit the school, making a tour with the Principal and other teachers. They talk us about the students’ assembly and his/her presidents, they also have shown us pictures on the walls of corredors made by students. We visited the Principal’s office and the School Museum, whose person in charge is the History teacher, Irena Saicane, an interesting pace full of historic meaingful stuffs.

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Lunch time at 12.00h.

In the afternoon, students have been working with teachers. Both, students and teachers have been divided into groups and each one has been trying to look for strategies to make better oral presentations.

Two o’ clock was time to go for a walk. We move to Ausgklane, with a beautiful lake near the Estonian border, full of History. We were invited by the Latvian School to enjoy a boat trip around the lake.

And then we visited a little Nature museum with geological information, many curipus pieces of ancient seashells, fossils, fluorescent minerals…

6.10h we get Balvi and we have free time to have a deserved rest.

Day 2

We have began this second day with a workshop related to the topic of our presentations: “There is only one race, the human race“. Do you fancy doing a brainstorm? Here we go !

Even the teachers, we have a lot of work to do:

The use of mobile phones is allowed in the room, always with an educational purpose, that’ for sure ! Let’s go:

Working together to find the word that matches:

Never forget: We are the world:

During the second part of the morning we’re doing research about the human body and vital organs

IN THE EVENING the cultural night takes place. Every country present their traditional food and students are responsibles for doing the presentation of their products.

Families are welcome to join this event, and to share magic European moment.

Students introduced the traditional food they brought from their countries.

And Latvian team prepared a beautiful cake for this ERASMUS+ event.

Chocolate and liquorize fron Finland.

Chocolate, lard, dried meat and apples from Poland.

Iberic ham, chorizo, asturian strong flavoured blue cheese and hazelnut pastry from Spain.

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Day 3


6.30 in the morning. We leave to Riga by bus, whose historical center has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage site in recognition of its Art Nouveau architecture, widely considered the greatest collection in Europe, and for its 19th-century buildings in wood.

Nice interesting day in Riga.

We visited the Museum of the occupation, 1940-1991. Students were taught the modern history of Latvia, under both nazi Germany and USSR domination, and how Latvian people and specially Jewish were subjugated, deportated or just killed.

Then we have a guided tour trough Riga, and we could enjoy such a lively and lovely city.

13.30 was time for lunch in Restaurant Lido. And in the afternoon we were taken to know the Ethnographic openair museum, with a really funny and talkative guide who made us a really didactical visit, explaining us how ancient Latvian people lived in their homesteads.

The day finished for the Erasmus group making shopping in a mall.

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Today both teachers and students have attended some lessons: Maths, Physics, Latvian Literature or Handcrafts lesson. Then they have been reviewing their presentations.

Day 5

Last day in Balvi School of Latvia. Our students are presenting today by giving oral public speeches. All of them have been working about the same topic: “There is one race: the human race”; they have talked about diversity, tolerance, respect human beings and human rights. And all of them have demonstrated that they can develope work by themselves, with autonomy, independently. This is the main goal of our project: making our students active European citizens.

Then we have taken to the Balvi Museum, where we have seen parts of the History of Balvi.

15.00h Latvian students have presented a really funny spectacular performance, with folk dances and songs.

We all the countries visiting Latvia, Poland, Finland and Spain, want to give thanks to Balvi School for the great week we have lived here, for the time they have dedicated in preparing this meeting, and for have made us feeling like at home. Thank you Irina for all the hard work you have done. Thank you Inese, for have involved your school in this adventure.

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